• founding a strategic R&D consultancy with Cece MoSze Tham & Mark B√ľnger
  • designing and developing react platforms with Krashidbuilt
  • creating the future of a kitchen installation for Milan Design Week with W3}RD
  • lecturing "Designing with Extended Intelligence" for MDEF in IAAC/FabLab


Significant Clients:


I am currently fascinated with

  • the symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence as a means to empower new forms of decision making
  • the impact digital experiences can have on education and upskilling individuals and communities
  • the future of social systems and urban spaces

I have a thing for academia

  • M. S. Cognitive Science & Interactive Media
  • M. A. Interactive Application Design
  • B. S. Computer Science
  • B. S. Criminology

I have been coding professionally for 6 years and during that time I have developed these skills:

  • Research: Human-Computer Interaction, Civic Technology
  • Emergent Technologies: Distributed Ledgers, Machine Learning
  • Design: Experience Design, Co-creative Design, User Centered Design, Speculative Design
  • Web Technologies: HTML/CSS, Javascript, React, P5.js, Node.js, Rails
  • Mobile Technologies: Swift, Objective-C
  • Scripting Technologies: Ruby, Python, C++
  • IoT Technologies: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Processing